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 Haimen Kexing Carbon Co.,Ltd Lie in the north bank of the Changjiang Delta , the scenic spot of the Huanghai Sea . As area of the Changjiang Delta being economical and prosperous day by day, our company has already grown into one comprehensivly, specially in order to produce all kinds of electric carbon products enterprises. The electric carbon products are as follows, to produce all kinds of Various kinds of graphite material, resin compound blank , Palestine alloy, such complex blank of alloy as the antimony ,etc.; Sealed ring of carbon graphite in machinery is sealed; The rotor engine is shaved slice with the carbon element, the device of the electron tube uses carbons; The bronze graphite includes the oil bearing, trolley-bus slide , motor slide and air pump use such a series of graphite products as the blade ,etc.. Consult company's product introduction in code name of detailed order.

 Main products: Seal and enclose , the sealing strip, the piston-ring, lead the ring, support the ring , rub the sassafras one, press the mould for casting , the standard is filled in, the crystallization device , diaphragm slice, the mould , the bearing, axle bush, the bush , an oil seal, the axle is sealed, the gyro wheel, an electrode, the contact, carbon board, tin trough , the crucible, the gleitbretter ,etc.

Characteristic: Wear-resisting, it is warm to be able to bear , is able to bear pressing, anticorrosive, resist the creep, there is not oil that is lubricated by oneself, the coefficient of expansion is small, the sealing is superior ,etc.


 Use: The pump, the valve, an air blower, the compressor, the mixer, response cauldron, the hydraulic pressure is pneumatic, electric component , glass instrument, rotate and connect, machinery is sealed, pipeline flange, petrochemical industry equipment, dry equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, chemical fibre equipment, chemical machinery, rubber and plastic equipment, food machinery, separate machinery , liquid machinery ,etc. rotate and the sealed part.

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